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Donor Levels

The work of the Okoboji Foundation, to support Lakes area non-profits is never done. We rely on continued support from our donors to assist in providing annual grant opportunities. No gift is too small to make an impact. The Foundation’s lifetime giving wall starts at an accumulated giving level of $5,000 and increases as you give.
  • Benefactor: $250,000+
  • Visionary: $100,000
  • Ambassador: $50,000
  • Advocate: $25,000
  • Partner: $10,000
  • Patron: $5,000

The Ripple Effect

Grab a stone from the beach and put it in your hand. Think about the lake on a calm morning. When you toss the stone in the lake a beautiful ripple will spread out forever. This is exactly what happens when you give through the Okoboji Foundation. Your gift goes on forever, touching all shores of the Iowa Great Lakes.