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The following funds have been established by the Okoboji Foundation to receive donations that are used to fund the annual grant process as well as the programs and activities of the foundation.

Okoboji Foundation Endowment Funds

Your donation to the Endowment funds of the Okoboji Foundation will be used to support the annual grant process of the Foundation. Each year area nonprofits apply to the Foundation for dollars to support capital projects and programs that enhance the Iowa Great Lakes region.

Operations Fund

Gifts to the Operations fund of the Okoboji Foundation as used to ensure professional, effective donor services and resource management.

Field Of Interest Funds

The Okoboji Foundation has developed three field of interest funds that allow donors to further define their giving interests yet allowing the Foundation grants committee flexibility to use those funds across the many organizations that serve that sector. Each of our field of interest funds are Endow Iowa qualified and may provide a donor with a 25% state of Iowa tax credit.

Disaster Recovery Fund

The Okoboji Foundation established the Disaster Recovery Fund to provide leadership and collaborative funding to nonprofit organizations throughout the Iowa Great Lakes Region during times of crisis. The goal is to move resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs.

The Centerpoint of Giving

ten reasons people give to the Okoboji Foundation

  1. We are the center point for community giving
  2. We have strong leadership, creating a lasting positive impact
  3. We teach the next generation philanthropy
  4. We help you invest in causes you care about most with Charitable Giving Funds
  5. We offer personalized service tailored to your charitable and financial interests
  6. We offer maximum tax advantages allowed under state and federal law, including Endow Iowa Tax credits
  7. We build endowment funds to benefit the Iowa Great Lakes community
  8. We have professional investment management with a proven performance history
  9. We accept a wide variety of assets and can facilitate complex giving
  10. We multiply the impact of your donation by pooling it with other gifts to create a Ripple of Good…forever