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Disaster Recovery Fund

Okoboji Foundation

disaster recovery fund

Following the severe weather events on June 22, the Okoboji Foundation has activated the Disaster Recovery Fund (DRF) on behalf of Dickinson County.

Established in 2020 to support the devastating effects from the pandemic, the fund has evolved to continue to provide support for vulnerable populations during disasters. The DRF provides an opportunity for the public to give charitably, with the reassurance that donations will be quickly moved to resources where they are needed most to adapt to evolving priorities in Dickinson County. The flexible nature of the fund ensures that the county can quickly move to supplement resources provided by existing nonprofit, local, state and federal programs.

“The collective and compassionate reaction of Dickinson County residents who have donated to the DRF to support those affected by the severe weather events this month proves that we are better together,” says Mindy Gress, Okoboji Foundation president. “Our collaborative spirit will once again prevail as we support our neighbors in need.”

Funds received will be prioritized to support disproportionately affected communities by addressing economic barriers and health impacts of populations negatively impacted by disaster. Since much of the damage in Dickinson County was a result of flooding, many of those affected are burdened with home repairs. Okoboji Foundation DRF will work with local nonprofits that aid with this purpose.

The long-term application of the fund will focus on additional needs that are not already being met and may arise. Grants will be provided to community-based organizations and service providers active in current response — and will not be made available for individual application. A team of community leaders and grant makers will work together with Dickinson County Emergency Management, local governmental officials and nonprofit leaders to identify the organizations that deliver support and services to vulnerable populations in moments of crisis.

Important Links

Click below to find the Recovery Fund Request Form and the Disaster Recovery Fund issues grants to local non-profits.