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Summer Celebration
- Save the Date: June 21, 2024

As the premier event of the summer season, the annual dinner event of the Okoboji Foundation features a fine dining culinary experience and camaraderie with the area’s most charitable individuals. The event theme changes each year, yet the purpose stays the same – to celebrate the stories that create the fabric of our community, capturing the impact of our donors. It also serves as an opportunity to invite newly inspired philanthropists to join in the foundation’s mission – To become the next character in the legends that make our community a beautiful place to live, work, and summer. 

Legacy Celebration

Each year the Okoboji Foundation celebrates those visionary leaders who have included us in their will or estate plans. So often, the transformational gifts that we hope to provide as a legacy of our lives come to fruition upon our deaths, without the opportunity to acknowledge the stories and motivations behind the generous decision.

This celebration allows us to know these selfless donors and learn the tales behind their philanthropic wishes.

Do you plan to leave a gift to the Okoboji Foundation in your will or estate? Please let us know, so we can celebrate your intentions.